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Welcome to SKYN Clinic!

Your premier source for NON-SURGICAL treatments.  At SKYN, we take a holistic approach to skin care.  On our travels we noticed that most celebrities visit international skin clinics to treat their skin or to get the healthy skin that you see on the movie screen. Why not here in the US? Why can’t you have the skin you want and wish for?

Why not you?

You can have healthy, clear, ageless skin too. At SKYN Clinic, we specialize in NON-SURGICAL skin care treatments.  Our treatments are guaranteed to give you the clear and beautiful skin you need while using botanical and medical grade ingredients.  If cosmetic surgery is not an option for you, you have a fear of needles, you have no time for down time, or you just need to maintain your good looks, we are the place for your custom face!

Why is NON-SURGICAL skin care so hot?

Do you want to look great for your age without surgery or radical changes?  So do most Americans!  According to ABC News, 75% of Americans who are looking for cosmetic procedures opt for non-surgical treatments.

  1. Technological advances offer alternatives for traditional surgical procedures such as face lifts and liposuction with no downtime and no anesthesia. Now you have options such as Microcurrent, a non-invasive body-shaping that tightens loose skin and lifts facial muscles with no downtime, and LED light therapy, a non-surgical light therapy that not only kills bacteria caused by acne, but also causes collagen and elastin to reproduce in the skin with no downtime.
  2. There are also non-surgical alternatives for body care: Laser Hair Removal, FotoFacials, Viora ReAction for Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, and Fat Reduction
  3. Great skin care can maintain youthfulness.  A Skin Scanner analysis allows us to see “under” your skin to help us design a program that includes treatment and great skin care products.
  4. Less is more!  “The beauty of non-surgical treatments is that they give a fantastically natural result, leaving patients looking fresher, younger and more healthy without any obvious traces…” says Dr. Nick Milojevic of the Harley Medical Group.

The result is simply natural, radiant skin!

The International Way of Life

French women and men value having beautiful skin and put a big emphasis on quality skin care products and treatments.  There is a facial salon on every corner.  They have as many skin care salons as we have nail salons.  Weekly facials are a regular part of life in.  It is considered a ‘need’ not a ‘want’. In the U.S, we are so busy with our lives that we don’t take the time to care for ourselves, or our skin, with a good facial.  The French incorporate balance in their daily routine and care for their skin.  Getting regular weekly facials is something they are never too busy to do.

Prevention is the key to beautiful skin.  They start young, in their teens, getting regular facials and following a good home care regiment; this is very important.   They know that how they care for their skin today will determine how their skin looks in the future.  They are diligent about using their skin care products.  We often wait until years later to get serious about our skin in hopes of erasing the skin flaws of the past.

The products used internationally are more “natural”.  They use a lot of botanicals and essential oils.  We all know the key to anti-aging is found in our natural elements, like herbs and the sea.  Hence, they tend to have more youthful looking skin.

Cosmetic surgery in France is not nearly as popular as in the U.S.  They take a very holistic approach and embrace their natural beauty.  Self -acceptance is very strong for the people.  Most people opt for France’s most popular treatment, which is a non-surgical face lift.


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